December 31, 2015


Happy New Year's Eve, sweet friends! The last day of the year is here and I can hardly believe that we'll be going into the year 2016 in just a few mere hours. To celebrate the occasion, I wanted to share a very special NYE outfit -- I recently received this darling dress from Schoola, an awesome secondhand clothing retailer that gives 40% of their proceeds to schools. As many of you know, education is near and dear to my heart, so I jumped at the opportunity to help share the message of all the good that Schoola is doing! 

On top of an already amazing mission of putting paintbrushes, books, baseballs, violins and more back into the hands of school aged children, Schoola has partnered with the Malala Fund to empower girls through education! They're also committed to raising $100,000 for the Malala Fund through the sale of clothing on their site, which is HUGE! You can shop all the items that will benefit the Malala Fund, including new with tags pieces from Modcloth (which is where my darling dress is from!), Athleta, Gymboree, Tea Collection and more right here, and let me tell you -- they have some darling pieces to choose from!

On top of shopping for new and gently loved clothing items, you can also request a Malala bag to fill and donate clothing on behalf of the Malala Fund, with 40% of proceeds going to help girls gain education around the world! With the new year just minutes away, this would be the perfect time to request a bag of your own and start 2016 off on an amazing start by donating and helping to aide an amazing cause! 

Outfit Details:
Maggy London dress via Modcloth -- c/o Schoola

I hope ya'll have an amazing New Year's Eve! 2015 was one crazy, amazing year and I can't wait to see what 2016 holds -- let's make it an incredible one! 

Please be safe out there tonight and I'll see you in 2016!
-Chelsea xo

December 30, 2015


Hello! I hope ya'll had an amazing Christmas and time well spent with your family and friends! Things have been a little quiet around here, but that's only because I've been doing the same -- trying to soak in every second of that holiday magic before it all washes away. However, I am really excited for the new year, but I'll save those thoughts for tomorrow's post! Anyways, I thought I would share a little update over the past few days, since I always love reading about what you guys are doing over the holidays! On Christmas Eve Eve, we drove about three hours south of Phoenix to Yuma, AZ to visit family and attend a Christmas get-together. We ended up staying the night in Yuma, and then headed back home on Christmas Eve morning -- we had actually stopped by the local swap meet before hitting the road, so I had a bag full of candy and I was all set for the long drive, haha. 

Once we got settled back in at home, we headed over to Scott's parents' house for an evening of celebrations. His family has always opened gifts on Christmas Eve, so it actually works of perfectly because we get to spend time with them, and then be with my folks on Christmas morning -- which is exactly what we did. After we had exchanged presents and filled up on quiche, cinnamon rolls and coffee that morning, we packed up and drove about an hour west to visit Scott's grandparents and to meet his family back over there for lunch! We spent a few hours visiting at their gorgeous property in the desert, and then headed back home for dinner with my folks -- it was a very busy couple of days, but it was also so much fun and the perfect way to spend the holidays (surrounded by the ones we love!).

Since Christmas, Scott and I have been working on a little pre-new years cleaning, planning our trip to Nashville next month (have I mentioned that we're headed there for our anniversary? we can't wait!), and also battling a couple of colds (Scott is feeling way worse, though -- poor guy). I've also been trying my best to go through my wardrobe lately, which is way more daunting than it should be. Ideally, I want pull out the things I love and know I'll wear often, and also put away those pieces that may be for a different season or just need to be donated. I've been loving the idea of doing a capsule wardrobe, and a few of my sweet friends, Tieka, Veronika and Indiana to be exact, have been rocking this concept lately, so I've been seriously living vicariously through them, haha. Now, if I can only convince myself that I actually NEED to do this, then we should be all set! ;) 

One thing I have been loving about my wardrobe lately, is this dainty, rose gold, full circle pendant that Shane Co. was sweet enough to gift me. It's been adding a rosey glow to my everyday wardrobe, and looks so pretty either worn separately or layered with another necklace or two. Shane Co. is actually where Scott and I's wedding rings are from, so I've been a big fan of theirs for a long time now. Every time we go in there the staff is always super sweet and helpful, and I know that we would both suggest them to anyone if they're in the market for a very special ring!

Outfit Details:
Madewell Sweater (similar!)
Coach Bucket Bag (similar!)

I would love to hear how your Christmas was and what you have planned for New Year's Eve! 
Talk soon, sweet friends!
-Chelsea xo

December 21, 2015


Good morning, friends! It's Christmas week and I couldn't be more excited -- I LOVE this time of year and I'm so stoked to begin celebrating with all of our family and friends. While many of our loved ones live nearby (both sets of our parents live under 15 minutes away), we do have a select few that, sadly, live much further away than we would like -- and while I do love hosting our out-of-town guests, well -- we'll just say that our "guest room" has been a bit of an awkward situation up until recently. I would actually like to compare it to this funny photo I saw on the Sleep Innovations' Instagram that perfectly portrays our once guest sleeping situation -- except with blow up mattresses. Now, I know this works perfectly well for so many who only hosts guests once or twice a year, but after running into a similar situation earlier this year where Scott and I were met with the same fate -- we figured it was about time to do something about our own guest sleeping situation so that our guests will feel more at home during their time with us (the ultimate compliment, right?)!

Well, in big thanks to our new Sleep Innovations Mattress, I'm super excited because we finally have a comfy and cozy place for our out-of-towners to rest their heads while in the city for all the festivities. Truth be told, I thought about snapping a photo of the before, but I'm sure you can understand that the space was just a sight for sore eyes. To give you a visual of our process, we started by unboxing our brand new Sleep Innovations Alden 14 inch Memory Foam Mattress, which we picked because we read it was perfect for side sleepers (my sleeping style of choice!). After letting it breathe and fill out for about 48 hours, we set up the new metal bed frame we purchased for the room (inexpensive, lightweight and has room for storage underneath - bonus!), plopped the mattress on top of it -- and took a little rest on the comfy mattress before knocking out the rest of the room, haha.

About five minutes later, we were back up on our feet and putting a fresh set of white sheets over the mattress, along with a beloved bedding set that we've had since we first moved in together. After adding on a couple of "fluff pillows" and a cozy throw that my cousin gave us recently, we started adding in those little things that really makes a place feel like home. 

We started by hanging a few sets of Scott's Arizona ornament negatives next to the bed. These are usually just throw away pieces, but lately I've been loving the look of them and thought they would make a fun and personal decor piece.

A bed just isn't complete without a bench at the end of it! Using one of my favorite sheepskin rugs and a few odds and ends, we whipped together this little piece of the room quickly.

I get cold so easily, so I always want make sure that our guests have enough covers and blankets to stay cozy -- especially on these chilly December mornings. Fun fact -- Scott found this metal crate on my parent's property right after they bought it. It's from a local (and defunct) egg farm and is dated 1988, the same year I was born!

I was actually never a candle person growing up, but lately I've been loving Lindbergh Candle Co. and have been obsessed with their scent "cabin." It makes the whole room smell warm and sweet in an instance! 

After finishing up our new and improved guest room, I figured I better give the bed a test run before our first guests arrived. With a few books in tow, I was ready to spend the whole afternoon here (if I just didn't have that last minute Christmas shopping to do, you couldn't have made me move!).

Now that our guest room situation isn't so awkward, I have a feeling that we'll be hosting a lot more guest in the coming year. Are you hoping to do the same in 2016? In that case (or if you're in desperate need of a new mattress), don’t forget to enter Sleep Innovations’ giveaway by posting a picture of your own sleeping situation over the holidays using the hashtag #SINoPlaceLikeHome via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram (last day to enter is 12/31/15). Participants will be entered to win one of five memory foam mattresses they're giving away to help makeover someone else's awkward sleeping situation over the holidays with a customized fit -- or with something else extra amazing, you never know! ;)

By entering the giveaway you're also helping to make a charitable donation, as Sleep Innovations will be donating $1 to Stand Up for Kids’ health and wellness program for every use of the #SINoPlaceLikeHome hashtag on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram from now until December 31. Sounds like a win, win situation to me!

Now, who's ready for the holidays? I would love to hear your plans, and even what your awkward sleeping situations are when you go home for the holidays.

Thanks to Sleep Innovations for sponsoring this post!
-Chelsea xo

December 17, 2015


Good morning! How is Christmas only one week away? I know I say this every year, but the holiday season always goes by way too fast -- there just seems to never be enough time to do all the fudge making, holiday decorating, Christmas festivities that I want to do. This next week, though, is going to be the best because we're going to do ALL the Christmas things, including a holiday pop-up shop for Citizen Home Decor at our favorite Peixoto Coffee this Friday, December 19th, from 5-9pm! If you're local, we would love to have you stop by -- we'll be selling state ornaments, plaques, coasters, and our newest editions, the Mr. & Mrs. and Baby's First Christmas Ornaments!

Every year, our little town square hangs the most amazing Christmas lights all up and down our main street. They start putting them up in October and then turn them on sometime in November -- making for a very festive and cozy drive as we head to Peixoto Coffee and The Original Chop Shop Co. for our weekly brunch and evening coffee dates. Peixoto has the most amazing winter menu right now, and while I'm not much of a sweet coffee kind of gal, their mint mocha is amazing! They top it with a fresh mint leaf and a locally made marshmallow, which slowly melts into the hot drink -- MMM, the best! 

I recently treated myself to this personalized bar necklace from Barberry & Lace, an Arizona native who, sadly, just moved to Vegas! I've been wanting one with our wedding date on it for what seems like forever, so when she was having a recent sale I finally placed my order. It's just as lovely as I knew it would be, and I would highly recommend any of Leigh's pieces -- they're truly handmade with lots of love, passion and creativity!

Outfit Details:
Free People Boyfriend Cardigan (similar!)
Vince Camuto Motorcycle Boots (similar!)

And there she is -- our town's giant tumbleweed tree in all it's glory! I laugh at this thing every year, because really, it's kind of ridiculous! There's just something about it that I can't help but love, though. Maybe it's the history, as they've been putting it up for over 50 years, or it's the thought that only in Arizona would someone do something like this! We'll just call it desert charm -- here's to a very, merry desert Christmas! Hope you all have a great day!
-Chelsea xo

December 15, 2015


Back in November, we went on a photo adventure with our dear friends, Matt and Tish, and their three littles. We headed north to the outskirts of town and found ourselves along the Salt River just around sunset. As Scott and I walked along the river, trying our best to avoid the mud spots and quietly walk to toward the elusive Salt River horses, Tish snapped away and what she caught was pure magic. 

Matt and Tish are now living locally in Glibert, Arizona, and are looking to book for 2016 (local + beyond!). They offer lifestyle portraits (families, couples, newborns etc.), engagement sessions, elopements and weddings. If you're in need of an incredible wedding photographer duo, or just updated photos of you and your honey, Matt and Tish should be at the top of your list. They're professional, kind, lighthearted, adventurous, personable and ever so sweet. They made Scott and I feel so at ease during our last, and most recent session with them, and we look forward to having them photographing us for years to come. 

All photos by Matt and Tish, Arizona lifestyle and wedding photographers who are capturing love, beauty and traveling the world.

Be back soon -- we definitely have more photos to share!
-Chelsea xo