January 26, 2016


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Hello! As promised, I wanted to share our Nashville necessities with ya'll. While going to Music City was at the top of our travel list, landing there in January where there could be inches of snow on the ground (much like the week after we left), below freezing temps and windy walks all through the city. So what did we do to combat the cold? Well, we did what any desert rat would do -- packed ALL of our warm belongings + layers and just went for it! I'll admit -- we may have slightly overpacked, but  here's what he brought that ended up being a necessity during our time in Nashville!

Redwing 1907 Men's Boots: Scott wore these most days while down South.

Brixton Rival Snapback: Hats were a must in the cold (for the both of us!).

Leather ChuckTaylor Converse: Walking shoes to switch things up!

Madewell Buffalo Flannel: THE coziest flannel that made layering a breeze. 

Madewell Slouchie Beanie: Like I said, hats were a must in that chilly weather!

Sam Edleman Petty Boots: My go-to everyday boot! 

Madewell Zip Tote: My monogrammed zip tote made for the perfect accessory during the week!

Madewell Skinny Skinny Jeans: Comfy, great wash and thick enough to keep the wind off of me.

Madewell Brimfield Jacket: Perfect for layering and the perfect color!

Olive Puffer Jacket: The one I have is from Athleta and it was SO warm!

Men's Puffer Jacket: Scott's favorite, lightweight coat that kept him toasty and cozy.

What's on your winter essentials or must-have list lately? What have you been loving during these cold months?
-Chelsea xo

January 25, 2016


Just over a week ago, Scott and I returned from our Nashville getaway. We had a lot of people asking why we chose to head to Music City during the coldest time of the year, but our reason was simple -- it was our second wedding anniversary and we wanted to celebrate our love in a new place that we could experience together! Aside from that, Nashville has been on our list of places to visit for quite some time. They have an amazing and growing coffee culture, tons of music history, delicious BBQ, neat shops and so much more -- so why wouldn't we want to visit such a unique place? Well, your guess is better than mine, but we bit the bullet and booked our tickets and an AirBnB all in one evening after we found a couple of deals that we couldn't pass up. Fast forward a month or so later,  and we were sitting on an airplane headed for the South-- well, not before having a layover in Denver on our way there, which gave us the best view of the snow we've seen all winter.

Once we landed in Nashville, we grabbed our bags, picked up the rental car and made our way to our little home-away-from-home for the rest of the week. We stayed in a charming, little house in East Nashville, which was the area we figured we would spend most of our time in (and was also fairly centrally located to everywhere else we wanted to go). The house was just as it was in the pictures, and although it was dark when we arrived, I knew it looked like a cute, cozy and safe place to stay during our getaway. If you're curious, we stayed in this Cozy and Eclectic Mid-Century house and would defiantly recommend it! Anyways, after bringing our bags in, giving the house a good look through, we piled back into the car and headed to Mas Tacos, Por Favor -- one of the restaurants that we were most recommended!

Mas Tacos: This teeny, hip Mexican restaurant was tucked away off a side-street not too far from where we were staying. We had the guac + chips, chickens tacos, and the sweet potato tacos which were SO delicious! Scott and I later thought it was kind of funny that the first thing we do once we land in the South is go eat something that we could easily find at home, but going to Mas Tacos was definitely worth the trip.

Barista Parlor: Coffee felt like a must after our long day of flying and a yummy meal, so we drove to the OG Barista Parlor for a shared latte and some time planning out what the next day would look like. We knew we wanted to check out all three Barista locations, and since this one was pretty close to Mas Tacos, we decided to head there first. We ended up going to all three locations, but I'll share more on the other two later!

After we finished our latte we called it an early night and headed to bed so we could be well rested for our first full day in Nashville. I'll be back soon with more of our adventures, and maybe even a winter packing essentials list soon for our time in the cold! Happy Monday, sweet friends!
-Chelsea xo

January 20, 2016


Oh, hey -- it's been awhile, sweet friends! Last Wednesday, Scott and I jetted off to Nashville to celebrate our second wedding anniversary a little early. Neither of us had ever been to Music City before, so it was amazing that we got to experience every inch of such a unique place together for the very first time. I plan on sharing tons of adventures from our trip, but until then I just wanted to pop in and say hi and see how ya'll's January has been going so far -- can you believe we're already half way through the month? I've actually been loving the cold/cooler weather we've been having around here, but I am so ready for the sun to start setting a little later -- I feel like my body is craving more and more daylight! 

Outfit Details:
Madewell Necklace (similar!)
Minnetonka Booties (similar!

I'll be back soon with more about our time in Nashville, but if you're curious now -- you can see tons of photos from our trip on my Instagram. Can't wait to share more + our favorite places with ya'll! Here's to a wonderful day!
-Chelsea xo

January 12, 2016


It's true -- January is one of my very favorite months! Everything feels crisp, clean and refreshed once again and the charm of the new year feels endless (well, at least until February rolls around). January is also when we, after over seven years together, finally tied the knot and the excitement of that time seems to come rushing back during these few days that lead up to our 2014 wedding. On the 18th, we'll celebrate two years of wedded bliss and if I'm being real -- it's kind of hard to believe how fast the time has gone! How was our wedding almost two years ago? If you're interested and haven't seen it yet, here's just a little peek at our magical wedding day. PS thanks for humoring me while I get all mushy gushy over here and on Instagram the next few days! xo

Outfit Details:
Nordstrom Utility Jacket (similar!)
Houndstooth Scarf (similar + on sale!)

Scott and I have been spending the past few days getting ready for our big trip to Nashville on Wednesday, and also taking in this chilly weather we've been having. It's supposed to be cold while we're in the South, so I'm trying my best to pack ALL the layers, while still leaving room to bring home a few goodies are two! I'm actually a chronic overpacker because I love to have options, so I'm trying my best to only pack what I think I'll wear or need. But, just in case -- I think we're still going to bring one more suitcase for all those odds and ends that I just "need" or can't go home without! ;) 

I still really want to share my resolutions, hopes and dreams for the year with you all, but until then I'll be flying to the South with my honey and enjoying every bit of awesomeness that Nashville has to offer!
-Chelsea xo

January 5, 2016


As I look at these photos, full of warmth and bright light, I can hear the rain pouring down outside and can see nothing but a pitch black sky. The past few days around here have been so gray, cold and full of rain clouds, so much so that I can hardly believe we're in Arizona! It seems El Nino is really giving us a run for our money (or making us run from the rain, really), but I'll take it while I can, because the summer heat somehow feels closer than it should. Ok, ok -- enough about the rain, let's chat about Nashville! Scott and I are headed there next week and are really excited to explore a bit of the South, eat some delicious food, sip on some great coffee and celebrate 2 years of being Mr. & Mrs. 

We don't really have any concrete plans for our trip to the music city, but we do have a list of places to go, things to see, BBQ to be eaten and coffee to be splurged on (because let's be real -- we're going to be drinking so much amazing coffee while we're there!). Among one of the places I want to see the most is RCA's Studio B where some of the absolute greats have recorded -- Elvis, Dolly Parton and The Strokes, while Scott is really into checking out Antique Archeology and Third Man Records! We're still all ears for suggestions, so please leave your favorite Nashville hangs in the comments! xo

Outfit Details:

Other than enjoying the rain, we've just been working, spending time at home and trying to get ready and rested up for our trip. We've also been watching an unmentionable amount of Fixer Upper, Rehab Addict and all things home DIY -- these shows are seriously addicting! How has the start of your 2016 been so far? It's still so weird to say that! Wasn't it just 2006? 1996? WOW!
-Chelsea xo

January 3, 2016


The start of a new year always makes me feel nostalgic for the year that has come to a close -- the memories, the photos, the adventures taken and thinking about all we've been blessed with and have accomplished in the last 365 days. With a little inspiration from our sweet friends, Rob and Christina, over at the New Darlings blog, Scott and I wanted to share a little recap of our life in the year 2015.

During 2015 we...
...celebrated our first wedding anniversary!
...drank many coffees at our favorite local coffee shop, Peixoto Coffee!
...got excited when I had the opportunity to go to Texas to attend the final Texas Style Council.
...spent time with family and friends (and our cute pups and kitties).
...both turned 27-years-old!
...celebrated when Scott graduated with his Master's degree!
...traveled to California to take in a little salt and sand.
...flew to Utah to spend the week visiting my folks (and ate way too many Sodalicious cookies).
...attended the Bloguettes InstaCamp at The Saguaro!
...had our photos taken by the amazing Tish Carlson (who, along with her family, became great friends of ours this year).
...worked on our Citizen Home Decor together!
...traveled to Seattle to visit family and take in the Pacific Northwest together (and loved every minute of it).
...grew together, challenged ourselves, changed for the better and felt incredibly thankful for this amazing life we lead together.

Thank you for loving on us, supporting us endlessly and following along during this past year. We have a feeling 2016 is going to be an extra special year, and we can't wait to see what all it will hold for us!

-Chelsea xo