January 3, 2016


The start of a new year always makes me feel nostalgic for the year that has come to a close -- the memories, the photos, the adventures taken and thinking about all we've been blessed with and have accomplished in the last 365 days. With a little inspiration from our sweet friends, Rob and Christina, over at the New Darlings blog, Scott and I wanted to share a little recap of our life in the year 2015.

During 2015 we...
...celebrated our first wedding anniversary!
...drank many coffees at our favorite local coffee shop, Peixoto Coffee!
...got excited when I had the opportunity to go to Texas to attend the final Texas Style Council.
...spent time with family and friends (and our cute pups and kitties).
...both turned 27-years-old!
...celebrated when Scott graduated with his Master's degree!
...traveled to California to take in a little salt and sand.
...flew to Utah to spend the week visiting my folks (and ate way too many Sodalicious cookies).
...attended the Bloguettes InstaCamp at The Saguaro!
...had our photos taken by the amazing Tish Carlson (who, along with her family, became great friends of ours this year).
...worked on our Citizen Home Decor together!
...traveled to Seattle to visit family and take in the Pacific Northwest together (and loved every minute of it).
...grew together, challenged ourselves, changed for the better and felt incredibly thankful for this amazing life we lead together.

Thank you for loving on us, supporting us endlessly and following along during this past year. We have a feeling 2016 is going to be an extra special year, and we can't wait to see what all it will hold for us!

-Chelsea xo


  1. I love seeing all your coffee photos on IG. They are so much fun! Sounds like a wonderful year. all the best in the new one <3