January 25, 2016


Just over a week ago, Scott and I returned from our Nashville getaway. We had a lot of people asking why we chose to head to Music City during the coldest time of the year, but our reason was simple -- it was our second wedding anniversary and we wanted to celebrate our love in a new place that we could experience together! Aside from that, Nashville has been on our list of places to visit for quite some time. They have an amazing and growing coffee culture, tons of music history, delicious BBQ, neat shops and so much more -- so why wouldn't we want to visit such a unique place? Well, your guess is better than mine, but we bit the bullet and booked our tickets and an AirBnB all in one evening after we found a couple of deals that we couldn't pass up. Fast forward a month or so later,  and we were sitting on an airplane headed for the South-- well, not before having a layover in Denver on our way there, which gave us the best view of the snow we've seen all winter.

Once we landed in Nashville, we grabbed our bags, picked up the rental car and made our way to our little home-away-from-home for the rest of the week. We stayed in a charming, little house in East Nashville, which was the area we figured we would spend most of our time in (and was also fairly centrally located to everywhere else we wanted to go). The house was just as it was in the pictures, and although it was dark when we arrived, I knew it looked like a cute, cozy and safe place to stay during our getaway. If you're curious, we stayed in this Cozy and Eclectic Mid-Century house and would defiantly recommend it! Anyways, after bringing our bags in, giving the house a good look through, we piled back into the car and headed to Mas Tacos, Por Favor -- one of the restaurants that we were most recommended!

Mas Tacos: This teeny, hip Mexican restaurant was tucked away off a side-street not too far from where we were staying. We had the guac + chips, chickens tacos, and the sweet potato tacos which were SO delicious! Scott and I later thought it was kind of funny that the first thing we do once we land in the South is go eat something that we could easily find at home, but going to Mas Tacos was definitely worth the trip.

Barista Parlor: Coffee felt like a must after our long day of flying and a yummy meal, so we drove to the OG Barista Parlor for a shared latte and some time planning out what the next day would look like. We knew we wanted to check out all three Barista locations, and since this one was pretty close to Mas Tacos, we decided to head there first. We ended up going to all three locations, but I'll share more on the other two later!

After we finished our latte we called it an early night and headed to bed so we could be well rested for our first full day in Nashville. I'll be back soon with more of our adventures, and maybe even a winter packing essentials list soon for our time in the cold! Happy Monday, sweet friends!
-Chelsea xo


  1. How fun! I want tacos now. Who am I kidding, I always want tacos. Except when I want burritos. ;)

  2. Looking forward to the winter packing essentials post!