January 5, 2016


As I look at these photos, full of warmth and bright light, I can hear the rain pouring down outside and can see nothing but a pitch black sky. The past few days around here have been so gray, cold and full of rain clouds, so much so that I can hardly believe we're in Arizona! It seems El Nino is really giving us a run for our money (or making us run from the rain, really), but I'll take it while I can, because the summer heat somehow feels closer than it should. Ok, ok -- enough about the rain, let's chat about Nashville! Scott and I are headed there next week and are really excited to explore a bit of the South, eat some delicious food, sip on some great coffee and celebrate 2 years of being Mr. & Mrs. 

We don't really have any concrete plans for our trip to the music city, but we do have a list of places to go, things to see, BBQ to be eaten and coffee to be splurged on (because let's be real -- we're going to be drinking so much amazing coffee while we're there!). Among one of the places I want to see the most is RCA's Studio B where some of the absolute greats have recorded -- Elvis, Dolly Parton and The Strokes, while Scott is really into checking out Antique Archeology and Third Man Records! We're still all ears for suggestions, so please leave your favorite Nashville hangs in the comments! xo

Outfit Details:

Other than enjoying the rain, we've just been working, spending time at home and trying to get ready and rested up for our trip. We've also been watching an unmentionable amount of Fixer Upper, Rehab Addict and all things home DIY -- these shows are seriously addicting! How has the start of your 2016 been so far? It's still so weird to say that! Wasn't it just 2006? 1996? WOW!
-Chelsea xo


  1. Girrrrll! What is your email address? I'll send you my Google doc of favorite Nashville things. :)

  2. 2016 here in the UK is turning out rainy and dark too! Best to get the rubbish weather out of the way now though and fingers crossed the summer will turn out warm and sunny - much like these photos, you look lovely!

    Also, cannot believe it's been two years since your wedding! Seems like yesterday you were posting about the lead up to it! As you say, wasn't it just 1996?!


  3. Hope you have an amazing time in Nashville! It's my dream to go next year so if you go to any awesome places, loved to hear your recs! xo