February 1, 2016


Hello! I'm back with Part II of our Nashville getaway -- we started our first full day in Music City by having brunch at Marche Artisan Foods. We were recommended this restaurant  by so many different people, and since it was close to our Airbnb, we figured it would be the perfect place to kick off our first adventurous day in the city. Truthfully, the space, the food and the view [ ;) ] were all amazing.

Scott and I each had a piping hot cup of black coffee, and one of the seasonal specials that was on their rotating menu. The roasted veggie + sweet potato hash was divine, and from what I hear -- Scott's frittata + roasted potatoes were pretty amazing!

Marathon Village: After brunch, heading to the historic Marathon Village was next up on our list! Built in 1881, this building was once home to the Marathon Motor Car Factory. Today, it's home to a few neat boutiques, a coffee shop, creative studio spaces and Antique Archeology aka American Pickers! Scott was pretty stoked on the idea of visiting the Nashville home-base for one of his favorite tv shows, and I was equally excited about the idea of spotting Mike Wolf, so this visit was a win, win for the both of us. ;)

Scott and I both really enjoyed our time looking around at the vintage goods (and American Pickers merchandise) at Antique Archeology. If you've ever been to a shop that they film in, like the Gold and Silver Pawn Shop from Pawn Stars in Las Vegas, you know that they can often turn into more of a t-shirt shop and less of what they started out as. Well, while they had their fair share of t-shirts, mugs, and amazing Hatch posters there, the shop still had a good amount of vintage goods and made for an interesting look-through during our time there. We saw the famous pig head head that they had from the show, amazing photos of an early 1900's circus and vintage instruments that covered a whole wall of their store. The icing on the cake of our visit, though, was having AA like my photos on Instagram later that day -- I made have squealed just a little when I saw the notifications! ;) 

After checking out most of the other shops in the village, picking out a few souvenirs (including a vintage portrait that looks like our Cavalier King Charles pup, Piper, in a full suit) we snapped a few photos in front of the vintage Marathon Motor Works sign and then hightailed it out of there -- well, only to a few blocks away where we had spotted one of the three "I Believe in Nashville" murals.

Outfit Details -
RayBan Wayfarer
Madewell Outbound Jacket
Madewell Ex-Boyfriend Flannel
Halogen Lidia Boots (on super sale!)

Seeing these murals were on my long list of things to do while in Nashville, so I was excited when we happen to pass right by this one near Marathon Village. Later on in the day we found the "I Believe.." mural that most everyone takes a photo in front of, which is located in 12 South, but I have to say -- I kind of like this one a little better. I didn't have to wait to take a photo + the sun felt so good pounding on me on such a chilly day. 

Ok, be back with Part III soon -- until then, have a great start to your February, sweet friends!
-Chelsea xo

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