February 7, 2016


Our first full day in Nashville was a bit of a doozy -- we knocked off tons of places off of our "must-see/experience/eat" list, so I thought I would break things up a bit and share the second half of day 1 with you now -- which included a stop at Third Man Records! Scott and I are both big fans of Jack White, so we knew that stopping by his record store/recording studio was a must. The shop itself is pretty small, and we weren't really prepared to stay for the studio tour, but it was neat to see a few pieces from The White Stripes history (like the legos from their Fell In Love With A Girl music video). After looking around the studio for a bit, we decided we should heat to the 12 South area of Nashville next for some lunch and more exploring. 

Edley's BBQ: When it came to BBQ, this Nashville landmark came highly suggested! After parking down at Sevier Park (which was also such a beautiful place) at the end of the 12 South neighborhood, we made our way to Edley's for lunch. Scott was stoked to finally have a taste of Southern BBQ, and this joint definitely didn't disappoint. We had pulled pork, beans, coleslaw, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese AND friend pickles -- yep, we totally went for it! Everything we had was delicious -- even the vinegar based coleslaw that I was a little hesitant about! ;)

Whites Mercantile: After lunch we made our way through the shops around 12 South, and White's Mercantile was up first! I loved every inch of this store -- from their home decor, kitchen wares, clothing and even puppy pieces, everything was beautiful and I could have taken the whole store home with me! 

Imogene & Willie: I feel like our trip wouldn't have been complete without visiting Imogene & Willie. Of course I had seen this premium denim shop all over Instagram, and let me tell you -- it's just as charming in-person as it is in pictures. We, sadly, didn't walk away with anything from I&W, but a pair of their custom denim jeans is now on my wishlist!

Las Paletas: Another charming treat shop that we had been recommended in 12 South! Paletas are pretty common here in the Southwest, but Las Paletas really knows their stuff and had some great flavors -- Scott had avocado and I had the melon, both of which were delicious!

After exploring 12 South for a couple of hours, we headed to Crema for a little pick-me-up. We've only heard good things about this Nashville staple, and it made for the perfect place to sit, take a break and also meet a few friends -- which we did -- accidentally, that is! I've known Karysn and Collin Dupree for a few years now, so it was so neat to run into them at Crema. They moved to Nashville a few months back, so I had a feeling that we might bumped into each other, but getting to sit and learn more about them from outside of the computer (or really -- phone) screen was such a treat. They're doing amazing things right now with their business, Bliss Branch, and their music project, Fortunes, so definitely keep your eye on them in the coming months!

The coffee at Crema simple and delicious -- Scott had an Ethiopian Pour Over and I had a seasonal citrus latte. 

After our coffee stop turned coffee date with the Duprees, we headed to Pinewood Social for dinner! I'm sure you've all seen photos of their famous bowling alley before -- and truthfully, that's what brought us in! After dinner, though, we decided we were both too tired to play a game and called it an early night after a day of running around the city. Nashville really treated us well this day, and we were excited to have another few adventurous days in and around the city! 

Umm, how was our trip already almost a month ago? Promise to wrap things up here on the blog shortly, but I hope ya'll have a great rest of your Sunday evening and an amazing Valentine's week! Do you have any big plans? We have a busy week with work, but plan on celebrating our love over the weekend! Talk soon!
-Chelsea xo

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  1. So much fun! I'm now hungry and want to put on a sweater and head to Nashville.