February 16, 2016


February just has that way of making me crave rosey hues and some brighter colors. It may be because it was over 80 degrees today in Phoenix, but I'm trying to forget that and just focus on the fact that winter is still here for another few weeks, at least. Aside from that, February has really been treating us quite nicely-- beautiful weather, weekends together, working on our garden and celebrating our love. 

This pinky-toned wall has been calling my name lately, but since I'm still rocking the dark tones (who am I kidding -- I tend to rock them all year long) -- I figured I would try and bring a little contrast to the situation and pair it with an outfit that has been on rotation lately, which include these beautiful Seychelle booties that I've been obsessing over. I've got my eye on these pretties from Seychelles next, but have a feeling sandals (like these!) would be more appropriate. 

Out Details:
American Eagle Hi-Rise Jeans

I hope ya'll had a lovely Valentine's Day with your family, friends or your special somebody! Scott and I did a little bit of celebrating all weekend -- a dinner date, adventures in our old neighborhood in Mesa and brunch at our favorite place. This was our 10th Valentine's Day spent together, and I have to say -- each year together just gets better and better. 

Before I go, I wanted to share a favorite V-Day post from my sweet friend, Nicole -- doesn't she look amazing in those shoes and her fluffy jacket? YES! 

So tell me, how did you celebrate your day of love?
-Chelsea xo


  1. Oooh yes, that wall is absolutely perfect as is your outfit! And yup, me too, always rocking those dark hues! xo