February 29, 2016


You didn't think I had forgotten about sharing the rest of your trip to Music City? Truth be told, I just need a little break and wanted to show you more of what's been happening around here lately. However, I'm happy to be back and sharing more of our trip and a particularly favorite day we had while around Nashville. Like any good tourist, we couldn't pass up the chance to check out the world famous Loveless Cafe -- so on a dreary and rainy day, we headed up and down a very windy road (we accidentally took the wrong route through the country) and made our way to Loveless for breakfast. 

There was a bit of wait when we pulled up, so we put our name down and headed toward the gift shop for a little perusing while we waited. We ended up picking up a couple of cheesy souvenirs (my favorite kind!), and then made our way to the cafe when our buzzer starting ringing.

The biscuits are a staple at Loveless, of course, so we shared a batch pre-breakfast, and then Scott had a biscuit sampler for his meal. The food was true Southern style and the atmosphere was fun -- now we can say we've been to the Loveless Cafe, hot biscuits and all. 

After finishing up at Loveless, we made the drive out to Franklin, TN -- a charming town not that far outside of Nashville that everyone had told us to visit. Franklin had been on our radar for many years now, and after having friends live out there and talk about all of the charming shops and quaint coffee shops, Scott and I knew we needed to venture outside of the big city and give Franklin a visit. After parking our car and taking a little stroll down their darling main street, Scott snapped the above photo of me while we we're poking around their local Anthropologie -- it turned out to be one of my favorite photos from our whole trip. 

And here's the view I was taking in!

We heard great things about Gray's, but since were both still stuffed from Loveless we decided to pass this time -- it'll definitely be on our list for next time, though! :)

White's Mercantile was one of our favorite stops while on 12 South, so we were excited to visit their new location in Franklin -- which was equally beautiful! I swear I could have taken the whole store home with me.

After finishing up at White's, we wandered around downtown Franklin a little more, stopped in at a few more shops and picked up some hot coffees at Frothy Monkey.  

We made one more stop during our time in Franklin, but I'll save that for another post! I'm already itching for another getaway -- good thing I'm headed to San Francisco this weekend! It may be for a work trip, but I can't wait to show you all what I'll be up to on Instagram (and Snapchat -- @chelseabirdd). Be back soon, friends! 

-Chelsea xo

February 22, 2016


When a new, local restaurant pops up in our neighborhood, Scott and I always make it our mission to try it out as soon as their doors open. In this case, we had even more of a reason to make our way down to Worth Takeaway, a sandwich shop that just opened up in the heart of downtown Mesa, because two of our sweet friends, Kelsey and Jim Bob, are the masterminds behind this delicious takeaway spot! So during their first weekend in business, Scott and I stopped in for lunch and a little Southern-style banana pudding -- mmmm!

When we walked in, the place was packed -- which is pretty thrilling to see for a newly opened, local business! After placing our order (Scott got the Rueben and I got the Veggie), we snagged a couple of seats along the high-top table and took in the scenery. Kelsey and Jim Bob did an awesome job of re-vamping the old building -- keeping things simple, but adding a few bits and pieces that felt so very Southwestern (like the concrete cactus and framed, desert house prints). They also did an amazing job of incorporating so many other local businesses into their space, whether it's through their product, furniture or even the flowers on their tables. With an overall goal of creating community, Worth Takeaway is surely on their way!  

Both of our meals were delicious -- Scott loved the Rueben, and I really enjoyed the Veggie on lettuce (for all of us GF folks out there!). I also hear that their grilled cheese is amazing, and that their crispy chicken is out of this world! For dessert, we shared their house made banana pudding and it was incredible! Jim Bob is originally from the south, so it only made sense that he brought a little of his hometown cultural into their desert-based shop. 

The next time you're in Mesa, don't forget to stop in at Worth Takeaway for breakfast, lunch or dinner! Scott and I have plans to head back soon, so maybe we'll see a few of you local folks there!

Outfit Details:

Can we also just take a second to talk about this amazing weather we've been having? I've been pulling out my sandals and putting away my sweaters. Opting for short sleeves most days, and enjoying some time sitting in the sun. Spring is going to officially be here before we know it and it's going to be a BIG season for Scott and I -- mini-getaways, celebrations and new adventures, together. Can't wait to share more soon, sweet friends!

-Chelsea xo

February 16, 2016


February just has that way of making me crave rosey hues and some brighter colors. It may be because it was over 80 degrees today in Phoenix, but I'm trying to forget that and just focus on the fact that winter is still here for another few weeks, at least. Aside from that, February has really been treating us quite nicely-- beautiful weather, weekends together, working on our garden and celebrating our love. 

This pinky-toned wall has been calling my name lately, but since I'm still rocking the dark tones (who am I kidding -- I tend to rock them all year long) -- I figured I would try and bring a little contrast to the situation and pair it with an outfit that has been on rotation lately, which include these beautiful Seychelle booties that I've been obsessing over. I've got my eye on these pretties from Seychelles next, but have a feeling sandals (like these!) would be more appropriate. 

Out Details:
American Eagle Hi-Rise Jeans

I hope ya'll had a lovely Valentine's Day with your family, friends or your special somebody! Scott and I did a little bit of celebrating all weekend -- a dinner date, adventures in our old neighborhood in Mesa and brunch at our favorite place. This was our 10th Valentine's Day spent together, and I have to say -- each year together just gets better and better. 

Before I go, I wanted to share a favorite V-Day post from my sweet friend, Nicole -- doesn't she look amazing in those shoes and her fluffy jacket? YES! 

So tell me, how did you celebrate your day of love?
-Chelsea xo

February 10, 2016


When the winter months are beginning to come to a close, and the spring season feels like it's almost here, there's nothing I look forward to more than when citrus season begins and lemons, oranges, grapefruit and more are ripe for the picking. Growing up in an area where citrus trees were always in an abundance (weird, I know -- but citrus farms were huge here in the desert), I kind of took picking a fresh orange straight off the tree for granted. Today, citrus farms are few and far between (well, at least on our side of town), so when the farm at Agritopia opens up their citrus orchards for the picking, you know that I'm there on opening day!

A few weekends ago, Scott and I jumped in the car and headed to Agritopia for a morning of hunting for the most perfect oranges, lemons, and grapefruit (because truly, that's a thing!). We looked and looked so more, squeezed a few grapefruits here and there, and then did our best to only the pick the fruit that was truly ready to come off the trees. It almost felt like a game, but I think we came away with a pretty perfect bag of the best citrus around. 

Do you see those cherry blossoms? They were just barely coming into bloom the day we were at the orchard, but boy were they beautiful!

I have to say, we were a little rusty on our citrus juggling skills, but I think you get the picture, haha. Also, these photos were too fun to take! Oftentimes, I consider myself a pretty serious person, but truthfully, I'm just a kid at heart. ;)

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I hope this posts radiates some sunlight for all you folks still living through those dreary and snowy winter days. I would say that we've had a really mild winter this year, but I'm still hoping that we can getaway on a snowy day to northern Arizona so we can have at least one, true winters day. Other than hoping for a weekend getaway, Scott and I have been busy with the usual -- work, playing with our kitties, avoiding dishes and getting ready for Valentine's Day. Do you have any plans for the big day yet? We usually keep things pretty casual around here, but it's always fun to plan and think up a few things we can do to celebrate -- like go out to breakfast, have a coffee date, go citrus picking (!!!) or just stay home and snuggle while watching some Fixer Upper! Either of those options sound pretty good to me! :)

Hope ya'll have a wonderful day!
-Chelsea xo